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We custom design and develop social media content feeds, websites, sub domains, and micro sites. We build each content site around the concept that to scale a site; there is a dependency on high-quality, fresh, data feeds. Scaling your content count increases your Google footprint. A wider net increases the likelihood you will catch more traffic. Additionally, by seeding more keywords, you have a better chance of getting your keywords pushed to the first page of Google search.


Let’s face it: Content and content writing are ongoing needs. This means you need to be putting out new material all the time. That is no easy task, and certainly you are busy with other responsibilities. You aren’t looking to bring in a full-time content writer, because that just doesn’t make financial sense. You need the content but not the hassle or expense…that’s where a content writing service that is professional, experienced and reliable becomes a valuable resource and your best choice.



We are specialists in finding the datasets to make your business successful. We have full access to geo-location data, public records (city, country, state, federal), and user-compiled, and crowd source generated data. We work with the largest compilers and aggregators in the world. If you need a specific data source – there is a good chance we have it, or can obtain the rights to acquire it.


We offer white label sites that are pre-built using the latest feeds, search, and mobile responsive technologies. These sites can be quickly modified to by adding your company logo and incorporating your corporate colors.


We work with clients to develop highly robust online application sites. These can include research-centric sites and analytics-centric sites. We have a full suite of pre-built, pre-configured dashboards and BI tools to give you an advanced starting point in the development process.


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MIT Powered

We use a sustainable, renewable, intellectual energy source from the top schools in the country.

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Share worthy

We combine all of our creative backgrounds to produce an experience tailored to your specific needs.

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Visually FUN

We are artists who just happen to like analytics.

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Freshness matters. Fresh data keeps your customers coming back for more.

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Swans Wharf is a full-service Newport, Rhode Island - based social media content engineering company. We are well established with a large portfolio of happy clients. If you’re ready to bring your social presence to the next level and outperform your competitors, our consultants are ready to answer any of the questions you may have. Let us help you grow a new revenue stream for your business!

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