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These data feeds cover agriculture investment, innovation and policy strategy. If you’re interested in agricultural production, food security, rural development, nutrition, natural resources, regional food systems, this data feed is for you.

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Businesses are using data feeds to drive better decisions. Use these data feeds to create new services, and reach new customers.

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These are the data feeds cover climate change and include resources related to coastal flooding, food resilience, water, ecosystem vulnerability, human health, energy infrastructure, transportation and the Arctic region.

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Discover and access data feeds related to our ocean, coasts, and Great Lakes. This feed supports regional marine planning efforts across the country.

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These data feeds and resources can help you build applications that aid consumers in making smarter choices.

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These data feeds help you discover and explore data resources on ecosystems and biodiversity,
including ecosystem components, functions, and services.

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These data feeds cover the classroom, and details about paying for college. These datasets cover education at all levels.

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Public Safety

These data feeds explore crime, roadway safety, and safety in the workplace.

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These data feeds cover key energy topics like alternative fuels, green buildings, efficiency, and managing energy in your own home.

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These data feeds cover financial services, including banking, lending, retirement, investments, and insurance.

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These data feeds explore health and health care. These resources come from across the Federal Government with the goal of improving the health and lives of all Americans.

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Science & Research

These data feeds are high-value public science and research data sets from across the Federal Government.

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LOCAL Government

These data feeds are powering new civic movements that are changing the way citizens experience our nation’s cities, counties, and states.

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These data feeds explore new technologies, facilities, and research, from funding support through U.S. Government agencies.

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These data feeds contain over 250,000 SKUs, images, product descriptions, technical specifications, MSDS sheets, and instructions.