Our Services

We feed the websites of the world with meaningful social content. Users now spend more time on mobile electronic devices than sleeping. We currently offer over 250,000 datasets covering everything from parking tickets to home prices. Get in front of the curve and learn how real-time data feeds can transform your business.


Making your social media content engaging

The best way to keep customers coming back to your site is to give them some thing new. Keep them coming back over and over with a fresh helping of new information.

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our main services

  • We offer social media data feeds

    We re-engineer data sets and covert them to working data feeds. We offer harmonized data feeds that work with your current systems.

  • We Offer Custom Web Design

    Our design team creates beautiful interfaces that capture your brand essence. They consider both usability and scalability within your content management system.

  • We Offer Custom Writing

    We will work with you to develop content that is interesting, shareable that speaks to your audience and drives traffic and conversions.

  • We Manage SEO and PPC

    We optimize your web pages so you pop to the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When needed, we supplement these services with pay per click (PPC) programs.

  • Web Infrastructure & Hosting

    We offer hosting and strive to be 100% accountable for the performance and support of our data feeds. We maintain dozens of servers hosted by reputable data center partners.

  • We Turn Your Employees into Brand Advocates

    Swans Wharf is known for its innovative traffic building programs that include employee advocate programs to scale both direct and referral traffic.

  • Ecommerce
  • Custom Data Feeds
  • White-label Sites
  • Application Sites
  • Social Feeds

Swans Wharf specializes in providing product descriptions, specifications, images, technical details, reviews, and upsell and cross-sell recommendations to eCommerce platforms. Our goal is to simplify the process of delivering manufacturer branded product content to your site.


We have data sets and API’s that enable you to build your ecommerce site in weeks, not years. As you build your presence online and want to scale, consider a subscription to one of our automated feeds.

We are specialists in finding the datasets to make your business successful. We have full access to geo-location data, public records (city, country, state, federal), and user-compiled, and crowd source generated data. We work with the largest compilers and aggregators in the world. If you need a specific data source – there is a good chance we have it, or can obtain the rights to acquire it.

We offer white label sites that are pre-built using the latest feeds, search, and mobile responsive technologies. These sites can be quickly modified to by adding your company logo and incorporating your corporate colors.

We work with clients to develop highly robust online application sites. These can include research-centric sites and analytics-centric sites. We have a full suite of pre-built, pre-configured dashboards and BI tools to give you an advanced starting point in the development process.

Social signals are now more important than ever. We have keyword-rich data sets that, when aligned with your social media amplification, efforts can give you powerful engagement metrics with your customers and lead generation.

Looking for review feeds? We work with all the major data aggregators to put your product or service in the best possible light.